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41. DIVERTIMENTO INC T:886-4-7869496
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004]
yoga mat, mouse pad, door mat, keyboard pad, rug underlay, natural rubber, eco mat, puzzle mat, rubber bag, organic artificial, ergoprene mat

ink cartridge, laser toner, mp3, usb flash card, bluetooth headset, bluetooth dongle, bluetooth adapter, dvd, car dvd, car monitor

43. INDICIA ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. T:886-2-25286261
martial arts, sporting protectors, patches, pins, fittness, kendo, wood stick, bo, jo, nunchaku, martial arts taiwan, knife, samurai, katana, bokken

44. MAPLE RIBBON CO., LTD. T:886-4-7350551
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] wrapping ribbon,printed ribbon,organdy ribbon,christmas ribbon,seasonal ribbon,pull bow,ribbon bow,elastic tape,jacquard,knitting,cord

45. KING CHAR CO., LTD. T:886-2-82271881
lapel pin,medal,key chain,lanyard,mobile phone charm,custom coin,dog tag,trolley coin,paper clip,emblem

46. SDEC TECHNOLOGY CORP. T:886-2-85121288
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004] lcd module,stn fstn lcd module,cob lcd,cog lcd module,odm oem,character,graphic lcd module,tft,color stn lcd module,dot matrix lcd display,vfd lcd

47. ARREGUI NINGBO REP. OFFICE T:886-03-3116616
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2008] mailbox,safe,letter box,cash box,key cabinet,medicine cabinet,noticeboard,ashtray,organiser,moneybox

48. LIBERTY TEX CO LTD T:886-6-5993626-302
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
embroidery lace,embroidery motif,embroidery fabric,embroidery applique,embroidery allover,embroidery sequin,embroidery badges,embroidery patch

49. GE SHINE INDUSTRIES CORP T:886-07-6981111
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] grab bars, shower seats, handrails, bathroom sets, bathtub

50. SURGE INDUSTRIAL CO LTD T:886-2-26625248
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] gloves dispenser (foldable) , umbilical cord clamp, latex free tourniquets, disposable cyto-brush, disposable vaginal speculum

51. WHA-YUEB TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. T:886-3-433-5459
[Manufacturer, Other ISO 9001:2000 ISO 9001:2008] thermal interface material,thermal pad,thermal conductive adhesive tape,emi absorbing material,insulating film pet pc pi pp,conductive

52. JET PRINT TECHNOLOGY CORP. T:886-02-26689365
color tattoo,glow in the dark tattoo,glitter tattoo,perfume tattoo,nail sticker,rub-on sticker,xmas decoration,sticker album,tile deco sticker

53. YOA LING INDUSTRY CO LTD T:886-2-2369 9950
liquid sand timer,liquid timer,aqua key ring,paperweight,liquid pen holder,liquid ruler,liquid magnet,liquid memo holder,liquid gift,aqua timer

mailboxes & house signs,ceiling fans,ceiling fan parts & accessories

55. BIG BAZAR CORPORATION T:+886/2-22620257
[Exporter SA8000] contemporary mirrors, picture frames, clocks and glass wares (vase, tray)

56. HSIN BI GOLDEN CO., LTD T:886-4-24229711
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] specialize in manufacturing the pure gold products.

57. POLYTRION TECHNOLOGIES T:+1-972-238-7045
polyvisiona?? privacy glass, polymaigca?? led glass, polyflusha?? glass, polyholoa?? glass (hologram glass), polylow-ea?? glass, polynanoa?? glass

58. I CHING CHEMICAL CO., LTD. T:886-6-3663888
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2008] mothball. insect repellent.

59. MEI CHUAN TEX CO., LTD. T:886-6-2615171
[Manufacturer ISO 9001] products of embroidery, embroidered emblem, patches, embordery fabric , custom-embroided patches, embroidery fabric, sequin embroidery

60. KING-BEST ENTERPRISES CO., LTD. T:886-2-25947201
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] sound mixer, battery charging & discharging pannels, cellular phone battery pack , stationary & gift, tripods photographic apparatus & equipment

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