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Shining Control Cable for Motorcycle, Scooter, ATV and Snowmobile from DER JAAN INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Nissan Tiida 1.3-1.6/ 2005 yr Brake Disc from CHIHON MACHINERY CO., LTD. Brake Pad from HoTai Lining Ent. Co., Ltd. Lock Components from CHENG HAI OILLESS METAL INDUSTRIAL CO LTD Truck Mirror For Volvo, Scania, Mercedes-Benz from Unindo Taiwan Co., Ltd.
shock absorbers-- 90-93 Corolla from I Shih Cheng Enterprise Co., Ltd. auto brake hose assembly in DOT sae j1401 from TRW Machinery Co.Ltd Jog front fork from Yijiahsin .Co .Ltd(YJXN) v-series 35mm buckles from NPURPLE CHAININD CO,. LTD. Racing Brake discs from YAR JANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.

  * Brake System (91)  * Clutches (27)

[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
auto parts, bicycle parts, parts of locks, power tool parts, gears, screws, oil impregnated bearings, arm assembly, hand tool, gear box, valve

2. I SHIH CHENG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. T:886-49-2659483
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
coilovers,brake parts,auto tuning parts,shock absorbers,caliper,brake disc,brake rotor,performance parts

3. YIJIAHSIN .CO .LTD(YJXN) T:886-06-2434146
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
exhaust muffler, atv muffler, bigbike muffler, scooter muffler, floating disc, fixed disc, oversize disc, cnc product, cnc lever, 2 piton caliper

4. FU HAI CO T:886-3-5961790
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
after market auto light, after market body kits, after market engine part, after market suspension, performancce auto lamp

5. HOTAI LINING ENT. CO., LTD. T:886-6-2990396
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
brake pad, brake shoe, truck lining, machinery lining

[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
auto accessories, suspension system, silicone hose kit, brake system, air intake system, motorcycle accessories, bike silicone hose, air filter

[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] tools, auto parts, repair tool, electrical tool, tester kits, compressor tester, fuel injection, brake pressure, engine, motorcycle

8. UNINDO TAIWAN CO., LTD. T:886-2-26570339
auto accessories,brakes,clutches

9. DER JAAN INDUSTRY CO., LTD. T:886-04-7368536
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2008]
brake cable,clutch cable,throttle cable,cable for side view mirror,speedometer cable,control cable,boat cable,motorcycle brake rotor

10. GESON ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. T:886-4-23209370
turbocharger, water pump system, hydraulic pump system, air compressor system, clutch booster system, air brake system, auto parts, auto accessories

11. YAR JANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. T:886-5-3693026
brake discs, racing calipers, caliper mounting brackets, brake pads, brake lines

12. S-MENG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD T:886-4-23285130
brake kits,brake caliper,brake rotor,brake pad,brake line

13. RSPEC T:886-4-23106363
[Trading Company]
brake pad,brake shoe,brake master cylinder,clutch master cylinder,rotor plate

14. TIEN HSIN INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. T:886-4-23319134
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2008] headset,crankest,handlebar,stem,seatpost,wheel set,brake,bottom bracket

15. CHE JANN MOTORSPORT CO LTD T:886-2-86753248
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] brake caliper, brake disc, brake pads, exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe

16. CHIA CHERNE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. T:886-4-7323090
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000 ISO 14001:2004 ISO/TS 16949 OHASA 18] bicycle cables,bicycle parts,hydraulic hose,hydraulic fittings,nylon tube,ptfe tube,pvdf tube,pfa tube,industrial cables for automotive & machinery

17. D. K. I. INTERNATIONAL CO LTD T:886-6 -3358-105
led lighting, gps, brake system, body kits, dashboard, video system, seat cover, car mat, accessories, engine parts

18. DAH LIN JIH CO.,LTD. T:886-4-24960568
auto parts, steering & suspension parts, engine parts, brake systems, forklift parts

19. FORMOSAN UNITED CORP T:886-02-26567173
[Trading Company]
automotive speciality tools, lighting system hid, air tools, auto repair tools

20. OLIIA ENTERPRISE CO LTD T:886-4-22410815
performance tuning parts, auto parts (accessories)

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