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rotisserie kits,display fixtures,shop fittings,shelving units,racks,basket systems,barbecue accessories,camping accessories,gas lighters,wire products

2. ECA TECHNOLOGY CORP T:801-722-7000

3. YI LONG ENTERPRISES CO. T:886-6-2467125
cookware, chinese wok, fry pan, deep fryer, stove top grll, sauce pan , roast pan.

4. LONSHINE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. T:886-3-5300295
leisure portable gas stove, refillable mini gas stove, mini gas stove for hotel. export: wide range of gas burner from kitchenware

5. GRAND HALL ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. T:886-2-26591119
export: bar-b-q set, gas stoves & parts, bar-b-q set, gas fireplace insert.

6. GENELE CUTLERY T:886-4-24364869
export: chef's knife, chef's knife, sharpen machne, china food chef's knife , diving knife, kitchen shears, hair scissors. barber scissors

7. OCER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. T:+886 (2) 27425676
air cleane; air cooler; b. b. q; heater

8. BENICO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. T:886-2-26274111
export: plastic cloth or sheeting, plastic furniture cover, plastic suit bags , bar-b-q cover & tool, plastic blanket bags, stainless steel bbq parts

export: rubber tires & tubes, kitchen ware, hand tools, household electric appliance & parts , parts and accessories of the motor vehicles

10. TAIWAN ACTIVE ENT. CO., LTD. T:886-2-27529350
export: bar-b-q set, houseware, kitchen ware, hardware.

11. I WEI YA CO., LTD. T:886-2-27128513
bar-b-q set, mortice locksets, articles of electro-plating, die castings , cabinet locks hooks, auto seurity belt bulk, handles hings, buckle of belt

12. MELORM INTERNATIONAL LTD. T:886-2-27585558
export: bar-b-q set, furniture and parts thereof, hand tools, machines & parts , power tools, building material, automobile parts.

13. BIGTUNG TRADING CO., LTD T:886-4-8535743
wire shelvin tube rack & furniture, wire shelvin tube rack & furniture , wire shelvin tube rack & furniture, wire shelvin tube rack & furniture

14. BOSSCOO CO LTD T:886-3-3172755
housewares and hardware products, kitchenware and kitchen rack and bbq tools , plastic houseware. export: diy tools: hand/air tools, x

15. PIPPO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. T:886-7-6165252
[Manufacturer] household cleaning brush, auto cleaning brush, barbecue accessories

16. DAYA QIYE CO.,LTD. T:+886-02-2332-9834
[Wholesale & Retail]

17. MIDAS-LIN CO., LTD. T:886-2-27136226
export: bar-b-q set, furniture and parts thereof.

export: hibachi, bar-b-q set, gas stoves & parts.

19. CHIHS HSINGS PRODUCTS CO., LTD. T:886-4-26273477
ovens, gas ovens, tunnel oven, ovens for cakes, hot air rotary oven.

20. TAIWAN PAO-AN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. T:886-2-25213351
bar-b-q set and parts, gas regulator, cylinder valves, gas stoves & parts , gas cock with automatic lighting system, gas pressure regulator

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