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10ul Pipette Tips Racked - ExtraGene from ExtraGene,Inc. OEM / ODM service for Plastic Injection Molding from MEN YIN GENKI CO LTD RBA-120 DRY BATH from Everlab Tech Co., Ltd Fume hood from Taiwan Hipoint Corporation Suspension Rotator SR-100 from Aron Laboratory Instruments Inc.

[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
water bath, oil bath, shaking bath, stirrer, mixer, incubator, chamber, precision ovens, application, led light plant, laminar flow hood, centrifuge

[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
centrifuge,incubator,rotator,mixer,laboratory oven,hematocrit centrifuge,blood pipette shaker,orbital shaker,platelet shaker,platelet rotator

3. METERTECH INC. T:886-2-27832854
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
spectrophotometer,microplate reader,colorimeter,uv/vis spectrophotometer,elisa reader

[Manufacturer] digital portable microscope,digital usb microscope,digital microscope,usb microscope,usb camera,usb webcame

5. EXTRAGENE,INC. T:886-4-23938598
[Manufacturer, Other]
filter tips,pcr tube,pipettors,pipette tips,microcentrifuge tube

6. JIAEN AV XIANCAI CO.,LTD. T:+886 (2) 29446000
av information panel interface; av joint..; counter signal wire; information control line; lifter; mke wire; numeric coaxial wire; speaker wires

7. EVERLAB TECH CO., LTD T:886-7-3814010
[Trading Company ISO 9001:2000]
autoclave sterilizer,ultrasonic cleaner,water bath,shaker,incubator,oven,environmental chamber,differential blood cell counter,platele rotator

8. MEN YIN GENKI CO LTD T:886-7-5539661
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
moulding, super sonic adhensive, oem machining service, plastic injection, mechanical re-design, dual colour injection, dual material injection

9. STARS ORCHID CO., LTD T:886-5-2330191
[Manufacturer] flasks,plugs,5 cm pot size,8 cm pot size,11 cm pot size

10. SHEI-HO RUBBER CO., LTD. T:886-2-29838936
[Manufacturer] pipette filler,

11. MINGBO BIO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD T:886-02-26713893
[Manufacturer] dna maker,

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