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Plum Blossom magnet bar cooker filter from Kuan First Enterprise Co., Ltd. Eco "zero" Recycled Tire Mobile Phone Strap from Niddle Technology Co., Ltd Wrist Type Blood Pressure Monitor from YA HORNG ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. Wooden Art Electrical Desk-Stand Fan from CHI ZONG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Power Inverter from Longsun Technologies Co., Ltd.
AIR PURIFIER FILTER from HUNG HSING ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Kl-101 Industrial Suction / Exhaust Dust Collector from Sun Peak Industrial Co.,Ltd JEEP WRANGLER (2004-2006) from MODERN AUTO PRODUCTS CORP., VACUUM SWEEPER 26-G from FELLOW Y. C. CO., LTD. USB humidifier from Royal-G Enterprise Co., Ltd.

1. SUN PEAK INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD T:886-6-3557892
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
nuts, screw, dust collector, hammer, mallet, cleaner, vacuum, hex nuts

[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
ccfl exit light, dc / dc converter, dc / ac power inverters, ccfl inverters, light box

3. ROYAL-G ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. T:886-6-2952758
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000]
humidifier,electric fans,electric heater,ice cube shaver,ice cream maker

4. ELITECH TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. T:886-6-2921457-6602
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004 ISO/TS 16949 OHASA 18] plastic injection mold,auto lamp,mould design,light guide plate mold,tv mold

[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004] mobile phone accessories,accessories for ipod,accessories for iphone,accessories for ipad,car charger,av cable,av dock,case for ipod,case for iphone

6. ASTEK TECHNOLOGY LTD. T:886-6-272-9488
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] motor controller,dc motor controller,brushless motor controller,pmsm motor controller,motor driver,dc motor driver,treadmill console

7. KUYEI ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. T:886-6-2319000
[Manufacturer ISO 9001:2000] chair bases,ice cream scoops,meat tenderizer,pressers,kitchen peripheral products,magic mop,press,egg slicers,iron wire,slicers,cracker

8. FELLOW Y. C. CO., LTD. T:886-6-2536611
industrial vacuum cleaner, power vacuum sweeper, vacuum sweeper , auto-scrubber, vacuum cleaner, charger, high pressuser machine.

9. ABASK ENTERPRISE CO LTD T:886-6-2798979
[Manufacturer] electric oven.

[Manufacturer] food machine,encrusting machine,reconditioned rheon encrusting machine

[Manufacturer] roots air blower,roots vacuum pump,silent roots blower,diffuser,roots air blower

12. SHENG KWEI ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. T:886-6-2962277
[Manufacturer] ac fan,dc fan,cooling fan,fan,axial fan

13. J & H OPTICAL CO., LTD. T:886-6-2305121
[Manufacturer] reading glasses,plastic reading glasses,polarized sunglasses,sunglasses,safety glasses,fashion sunglasses,fishing sunglasses

14. ZOUESHOAI T:886-06 270-4121
[Trading Company] electronic rice cooker

15. OCEANRICH ENTERPRISE LTD. T:+86-755-29111386
[Exporter] household electrical appliances and household products

16. YA HORNG ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. T:886-6-5932201, 2
c/ d disc, turntable, electric mixers and fruits juice extractors.

17. MODERN AUTO PRODUCTS CORP., T:886-6-2535849
sun visor, optical coating, multi-colored fog light, narrow focus light , convex mirror, side view mirror.

18. HUNG HSING ELECTRIC CO., LTD. T:886-6-2716111
electric fan, motor, air purifier, heater, filter assembly.

19. TUNG FU ELECTRIC CO., LTD. T:886-6-2617105, 2
electric fan, blender, rotating fan, air filters, air purifier , air vacuum cleaner, exhaust fan.

20. TSANN KUEN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. T:886-6-2664811
roducts: electric ovens, electric irons, food processer, microwave oven , electric water heaters, facial sauna, electric coffee or tea electro-makers

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